Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

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Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

FEATURED Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

  • Acts as a Wii remote and compatible w/ Wii software titles
  • Built in speakers for improved audio experience
  • The first integrated pistol remote for Wii games
  • Fully functional Wii Remote
  • Enhanced Vibration Function

CrossFire Remote Pistol for Nintendo Wii is the first and only available gun for Wii that has the remote already integrated into the gun’s design. Instead of designing just another plastic shell for housing the Wii remote, Penguin has actually designed the Crossfire with the remote already built in. Accordingly, the A and B buttons and D-Pay have been repositioned for easy access and functionality.

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2 thoughts on “Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

  1. 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Wii Crossifre Version 2 Review with Goldeneye Demo, October 29, 2010
    JG (Midwest) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol (Accessory)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:44 Mins

    I just uploaded a short demo of me playing Goldeneye with the Crossfire Wii and Nunchuk with DRAX setting and tweaking the bounding box and look sensitivity to my taste. As you notice I do not crouch or throw grenades often as the button placement does NOT make it easy to do those 2 things. Otherwise I think you can do pretty decent without using those, and I feel like it’s quicker for me to ADS (aim down site) because the A button is on my thumb. Also, it feels more natural using a gun peripheral and it seems like I have a little more aiming control. It take a number of games and fine tuning the controls to get it to where I was comfortable and even confident using it in a multiplayer setting.

    The written review is below if you want to read on….

    This review is for the Crossfire Wii Version 2 which comes with a Wii Motion + adapter piece for the gun (not the Wii Motion+ itself) and it says it is “Wii Motion Plus compatible” on the back.

    Packaging: C (cheap plastic clam shell packaging, simple instructions)

    The Crossifre comes in a clear plastic packaging with card backing. It is easier to open as the plastic isn’t too thick. But I hate these types of packaging. They are a pain to open and make the product look cheap. Save these types of packaging for SD cards please.

    Build quality and Aesthetics: B+ (quality look and feel, blue LED lights, very good ergonomics, adapter for wii motion plus included)

    Aside from the cheap plastic packaging, the Crossfire does not feel cheap. It is similar in build quality to the Guncon 2 (namco). I was actually surprised that it did not come with the Nintendo quality seal on it, as it very well could pass for one of those peripherals. The gun feels light but not flimsy in your hand and it can be used for left handed and right handed players because the A button is found on both sides of the gun. The trigger feels sturdy and isn’t a chore to use like the Buckshot. The direction pad and the 1,2 buttons are on the handle of the gun. The blue LED lights, Home, +/- are on the left side of the gun. The Nunchuk and the Wii Motion+ adapter port is the bottom of the handle where it should be. It is Wii Motion+ compatible with use with the included adapter, a nice bonus actually. There is also a hole where the wrist strap tether can be looped through.

    Set-up and basic function: B- (syncs immediately, no drop outs, good battery life, well placed button and pad layout. Below average speaker quality and high pitched sound game dependant)

    The Crossfire synced right away. I purchased 3 and all were readily recognized by the Wii and never dropped out during play. It worked exactly as a Wii mote should, all the buttons worked as they should. It vibrates and has the speaker built in. The speaker quality is not as good as the Wiimote’s, but it does function adequately. Blue LED lights show the battery life and will blink when buttons are pressed. It will show the number controller as it should as well.
    The sound effects that come through the speakers are tinny and rough, not like the Wiimote. Also I’ve noticed on some games, mainly HOD:Overkill and The Conduit a high pitch sound comes out of the speaker, while on other games it does not; like RE:UC.
    It is quite soft and you will not notice once you start playing the game.
    One reviewer mentioned battery life was short, I did not find this to be the case in the 3 that I own. I find the battery life about equal to that of the Wiimote.

    Function and Game use: B (versatile, compatible with non Wii Zapper games, broader range of games played, “A” button placement allows dual wield on some games, cross hairs are off, calibration corrects problem but not needed, menus and in game function are all accessible)

    ***IMPORTANT** note about the crosshairs being off. As other reviews have mentioned, the crosshairs are OFF. This does NOT, however, affect game play as much as one might think. They are only off relative to you looking down the barrel of the gun; in fact, I didn’t notice they were off until I actually looked down the barrel of the gun. I played the games as I would if I were using the Wiimote/Nunchuk combo and didn’t notice any performance difference in targeting at all. It’s because when you play, for example, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (RE: UC) even though the crosshairs are completely off the barrel of the gun you actually are using the reticle on screen to shoot and not actually looking down the gun itself. This is why I played a few hours without noticing that they were even off. This might bother some people, and yeah, I wish they were true to the gun sites but when you use the Wii Zapper or Buckshot, you are not looking down the gun either. You are mostly targeting with the reticle on screen. I do it, my spouse does it and…

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  2. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Wii Light Gun!, June 21, 2010
    Jennifer L. Cook “Morgoth” (Colorado) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol (Accessory)

    I am reviewing version 2 of this gun. The newest version is Wii motionplus compatible (it comes with an adapter) and is more closely calibrated to the regular Wii mote. This gun feels great, the trigger is nice and doesn’t take too much force to fire off shots. The button layout is perfect for most FPS or Rail Shooters. You may have to set up several games to your liking, but I am honestly not sure what more they could have done with these buttons. The directional pad and the 1 & 2 buttons are on the rear of the weapon, the A button is on both sides for either left or right-handed and the B button is of course the trigger. The + and – are located on the left side of the gun.

    The handle feels nice to the touch, very ergonomic and the weight of the gun is very even. No top heavy weapon here. This gun works AMAZING for Wii Sports Resort, Ghost Squad, Resident Evil 4, Link’s Crossbow Training, and any other rail shooter. Most FPS can be set up to allow the gun to work effectively. Playing with this gun/wiimote is just fun! I would recommend heading over to […] to purchase this item to ensure you get the latest version. You will know you have the latest version because on the back of the packaging it will say it is Wii Motionplus compatible. If it says it is not I would return the item unopened ASAP.

    Don’t forget to buy 2 AA batteries and to sync the gunmote to your Wii before using. Do not hesitate to buy this amazing integrated remote pistol, VERSION 2! Why waste your money on the cheap plastic casing when you can have a real wii mote shaped like a gun? Off to kill more zombies and bad guys.

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