Top Trumps NBA All Stars – Nintendo 3DS

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Top Trumps NBA All Stars - Nintendo 3DS

FEATURED Top Trumps NBA All Stars – Nintendo 3DS

  • Fully licensed and endorsed by the NBA
  • Featuring every current (2010/2011) NBA basketball star
  • Featuring all 30 teams of the NBA
  • Take control of any NBA team and build them into champions
  • Unique stat-based gameplay

Top Trumps NBA All Stars ties two exciting and successful franchises together and brings them to both the Nintendo DS and new 3DS! The game replicates an entire NBA season, complete with the official teams, playoffs and All-Star game – played through the medium of a card trading game. Like Top Trumps, the game plays out using cards with stats for each player. Take turns picking a stat to beat the corresponding stat on your opponent’s card! Unlike a conventional game of Top Trumps the rules are tweaked to help replicate a real game of basketball – rather than winning cards from your opponent, you rack up points to claim your place at the top!

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