Thief II: The Metal Age

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Thief II: The Metal Age

FEATURED Thief II: The Metal Age

Slip Through the Shadows. Steal to Survive.Product InformationOn the streets and rooftops of a darkened city where the forces of acorrupt sheriff loom it takes someone with a soft touch and even softer step tostay ahead of the law. For a master thief like Garrett the choices are clear:profit or perish. Break into a bank after hours; kidnap someone from awell-guarded installation; frame someone for a crime they didn’t commit.Sophisticated master thief tools include potions of slowfall and invisibilityvine arrows and a remote camera.Product Features Advanced AI system creates a variety of opponents to outwit. Realistic environmental weather effects like fog rain and snow. Enhanced Dark Engine creates a more engaging stealth experience. Follow an involving storyline with intriguing subplots through 15 missions.Windows Requirements Windows 98 Me XP Vista Pentium II 266 MHz processor (400 MHz recommended) 48 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended) 250 MB free hard disk space (600 MB recommended) DirectX 7.0 required (included) DirectX 7.0 compliant 3D accelerated video card (3D accelerator with 16 MB VRAM recommended) DirectX 7.0 compliant soundcard (EAX 2.0 or A3D 2.0 compliant recommended) 4X CD-ROM drive (8X recommended) Keyboard and mouse Software pictured here is represented by the packaging for easier viewing.You will receive actual software on CD in a jewel case.

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3 thoughts on “Thief II: The Metal Age

  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best game of all time, period, November 28, 2010

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Thief II: The Metal Age (CD-ROM)
    What other game can you still be playing like crazy almost 10 years after you first bought it. AMAZING GAME!
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  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Under Appreciated Game, August 23, 2010

    This review is from: Thief II: The Metal Age (CD-ROM)
    If you are a fan of first person stealth games then you cannot do any better than the Thief series. No other games provide you with the same sense of feedback of hiding in the shadows, picking locks as these games do. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory gets an honorable mention.

    I categorized below several aspects of the game which contribute to the overall score at the bottom:

    Frustration Factor: (Average) You can die a lot, but this usually means that you are taking a wrong approach to solving a problem (picking a lock, getting to a location, stealing an item, always being spotted.) Adjusting your strategy will solve the problem.

    Controls- (Above Average) You usually have very good control of your movements and actions.

    Graphics (Below Average) Due to the time when this game was released. What you find out is that game play can be more important than the graphics.

    Storyline – (Above Average) There is an intricate plot to this game. You feel like you are controllable character in a movie.

    Replay ability – (Above Average) Due to the Thief modding communities, I have spent many hours playing fan missions for this game and some of them are better than the original game.

    Length – (Above Average) It takes about 2 hours to complete a mission so you should be able to complete the game in about 30 hours.

    Environment – (Above Average) This is where Thief shines. The “sandbox” environment allows the character to move freely around a tomb, castle, street, wherever the setting is for the mission.
    The environment is not linear where you are forced to go in one direction. Instead the objective is in one location, it us up to you to find the best way to get there.

    Game Saves -(Above Average) Another nice feature is that you can save this game whenever you want. There are no checkpoints to reach. This reduces the frustration level immensely.

    Strategy / Button Masher -(Above Average) I am not a huge fan of button mashing action games. This game requires some thought, reaction, patience, and observation.

    WTF Factor -(Average) This is where you get to a point in the game and you really don’t know what you are supposed to do. There are some incidences of this in the game, but they are rare, especially compared to a lot of adventure games. They are more common in the fan missions, usually because you did not find a key located in a very unlikely spot.

    Overall Score: 87/100

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