“POCHI 4” Silicone 3DS,DSi,DS Lite Case (Orange)

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FEATURED “POCHI 4” Silicone 3DS,DSi,DS Lite Case (Orange)

  • Cute and stylish designer silicone 3DS,DSi,DS Lite case from Japan
  • There are 9 color variations available to choose from
  • It is good size for cosmetics case, iphone/ipod case, digital camera case, 3DS /DSi /DS Lite case and more
  • “POCHI4” is a very multiple silicone pouch.

Each is made from surprisingly soft, suede-like silicone. It features a stainless steel frame with a wide-open hinge that allows easy access to the contents.

Designer: Ikuyo Ejiri
Size: H3.7″×W6.2″×D1.3″ (inch)
Material: Silicone, SUS

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