Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii

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Mini Ninjas - Nintendo Wii

FEATURED Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii

  • First E-rated game by renowned storyline and character-driven developer, IO Interactive, makers of Hitman and Kane & Lynch.
  • Epic adventure appealing to all ages. No killing. When an enemy is defeated it is transformed into its original innocent animal form, restoring balance.
  • Beautiful, distinct, highly appealing and original art style.
  • A motley crew of 6 playable characters: Hiro, Futo, Suzume, Tora, Shun & Kunoichi.
  • Play as Mini Ninjas with cool ninja weapons, moves and powerful spells.

You are the last Ninja that anyone would expect to save the world. Yet that is exactly what you’re called to do when an Evil Samurai Warlord hatches a plan bent on total domination. Use your special Ninja training to battle a magical army of twisted Samurai, ride the rapids of the Great Central River, walk into the very heart of the Lost Volcano, and finally confront the Samurai Warlord in his Evil Fortress of Doom. Play as Hiro and other Mini Ninjas, combining your ninja skills, weapons & kuji magic powers in an epic & challenging adventure to restore harmony to the world.

A single player action/adventure game, Mini Ninjas puts a new spin on the video game favorite, ninja action genre. A kid-friendly game featuring no killing and an engrossing storyline, which players explore via six playable ninja characters, players take on the role of Hiro and the fellow members of his improbable ninja clan as they face an ancient evil that has returned to impose itself on the world. Each ninja utilizes authentic ninja weapons and moves, and possesses his/her own individual skill set, including mysterious “kuji magic” abilities.

'Mini Ninjas' game logo
Hiro walking a tightrope to avoid enemies in 'Mini Ninjas'
Authentic ninja weapons & moves.
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Suzume using kuji magic in 'Mini Ninjas'
Kuji magic abilities.
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Hiro taking on a huge boss in 'Mini Ninjas'
Huge boss battle.
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In Mini Ninjas the main character is the small ninja, Hiro. Although he has shown great promise, Hiro is the last ninja that anyone would expect to save the world, yet that is exactly what he is called to do when an evil samurai warlord hatches a plan bent on total world domination. In this plan the evil lord attempts to recapture the dominion he held prior to previously being cast out by creating an army of samurai slaves out of innocent animals. In the process of doing this he also upsets the natural balance of the the world, causing catastrophic storms. This Hiro can not stand for. Armed with authentic ninja weapons and powerful spells, Hiro must rescue the fellow ninjas of his clan who the warlord has captured and then lead them on an exciting journey to battle the magical army of twisted Samurai.

In Mini Ninjas players have their choice of six playable ninja characters, although as the game begins you will be limited to the main character, Hiro, and his comrade, the slow, but strong un-ninja like Futo. As part of the revealing of the storyline, players are tasked with searching out Hiro’s fellow ninjas, who at the beginning of the game were sent out to investigate troubles in the land, but never returned. They were captured by the evil warlord. As Hiro and Futo set each of these free, they in turn become playable characters. Each of the six playable characters has unique abilities, and utilizes a variety of ninja-specific weapons, items and moves, as well as “Kuji Magic,” which each–especially Hiro–can use to help them against enemies. These uses include classic mana-like blasts, but also more surprising and powerful forms such as the ability to take animal form in time of need.

A New Kind of Ninja
Mini Ninjas is an action adventure game with a fresh take on the ninja fascination that has long been part of video games culture. Designed to be kid-friendly, although the game utilizes realistic ninja weapons and moves, there is no actual killing. Because the evil ninjas and other enemies that players face are actually animals captured by the evil warlord, when they are defeated they revert back to their original animal forms, correcting the imbalance that the plans of the samurai warlord have caused, and ensuring game suitability for all ages of players.

Key Game Features

  • 6 playable Mini Ninjas, each with his own unique strengths and abilities.
  • Authentic ninja weapons and moves.
  • Kuji magic spells that help you control animals, enemies and the powers of nature.
  • Versatile ninja hats that can be used as vehicles and shields.
  • Huge boss battles.
  • No killing – when an enemy is defeated, it’s transformed into its original animal form.
  • Beautiful, distinctive and original art-stylization.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii

  1. 33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Surprisingly good!, September 26, 2009
    Bob (Here) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    The title “Mini Ninjas” screamed “shovel ware” to me, but that turned out to be far from the truth. “Mini Ninjas” boasts fun game play and very good visual designs. There isn’t a deep story — just enough to get you started on your quest to rescue other ninjas to add to your roster, find spells to add to your arsenal, defeat bosses and complete the game.

    Even though the game is available on multiple platforms, using the Wii remote to point during attacks makes the game feel native to the console. Waggle is used for a few fairly logical actions and kept to a minimum. The cartoon style of the game also lends itself to the console very well, with a variety of terrains in times of day. Plenty of little visual touches are apparent through out, from the way your ninjas move to the animals you can inhabit with your ninja power.

    There is also a lot of “things” in the game: characters you can play, potions you can mix from objects you find along the way, weapons you can use, spells you can collect and stealth moves you can make. Unfortunately, I found that you can mostly get by in the game with just two of the characters, the health potion, none of the spells and none of the additional weapons. It seems like there’s a lot of ideas in the game, but very little of them actually consequential to the game play. Access to your roster and items is also a little clunky, so that’s another incentive to not bother with them.

    Despite that shortcoming, I still thought the game was fun and visually pleasing. There is no blood in the game, so it’s a good game to check out if you’re looking for something well-made for the younger set.


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  2. 25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great family title., September 16, 2009

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    I bought this for my kids — who are ages 7 and 12 — and I can’t tear them away from it. I think it’s such a refreshing break from the usual violence fest that’s out there. I am a now aging gamer and I’m also enjoying it. It seems like the people that made it put a lot of effort at making it interesting for young and old, it has a bit of those layers in the story and dialog that pixar movies have sometimes. Well worth the money in my opinion.


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  3. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    My 4.5 YO loves it., November 12, 2009

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Mini Ninjas – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    I like this game, it’s pretty fun, even for grown-ups. However, the game is not intended for grown-ups so it doesn’t matter what I think.

    My son is 4 1/2 and loves this game. He can follow the plot, somewhat. It’s not that far over his head. It is hard to understand some of the narration, so I had to “translate” for him. But the story is very simple. So is the mission: beat baddies, till you get to the big baddie. He has not encountered the big baddie yet, so I can not comment on that part.

    The minions, however, are pretty easy to beat, on easy level. If my son were older, I would definitely need to set it to a harder level. Anyway, beating a minion means turning him (back) into a cute animal. No blood or death.

    My only complaint (this does not affect my rating) is that you have to save at certain checkpoints. The game does auto-save at times, but you can not save whenever you want. I do not much experience with console games…so if this is normal, ignore this part.

    Over all, this is a rockin’ game for kids who like action, but are too young for the gory stuff.

    NOTE: If I had it to do over again, I would never have shown him the package. He said “this looks boring.” Yea, a 4 year old said that. Once he started playing though, he had a whole new attitude.


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