Kill Switch

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Kill Switch

FEATURED Kill Switch

  • In this compelling story-driven game, you’ll complete over 15 missions all over the world, as you set the stage for total world war
  • Exciting new Offensive Cover System lets you conform to your terrain, to use the environment as cover while you shoot
  • Relentless enemy AI will work non-stop in teams to bring you down — use your speed and aim to take them out
  • You can even blindfire — lay down suppressing fire without even looking!

Defend the front lines of a global battle in a story-driven campaign featuring diverse missions and objectives.

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2 thoughts on “Kill Switch

  1. 10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    The REAL Fast and the Furious, June 19, 2004
    OverTheMoon ( –

    This review is from: Kill Switch (Video Game)

    Kill.Switch is not a bad game at all. In fact it is probably one of the best shoot `em ups you can get your hands on. You play Bishop, a sort of Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake x Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher with more firepower than both combined. In fact that is what kill.switch is – one big free-for-all GUNFIGHT.

    The story is actually confusing and told in flashback style (some flashback shots are cinematically realistic). Bishop is an ultra-tech Soldier and who is married to Lynn Takamura – a Neural Interface designer for some weapons tech firm. Bishop was supposed to execute a terrorist called Archer but failed. Archer came back to kill Lynn and to take control of Bishop’s neural technology sending him about the globe committing terrorist acts of violence. Eventually Bishop finds a way out from Archer’s control and goes to take Archer down himself.

    Having said all of that, the gun fighting is first rate stuff simply because the enemy AI is the best seen in any game of its kind. The enemy is smart and moves accordingly. They will take you down by flanking you or sending a grenade in your direction. One or two hits are all it takes and you will go down. So you need to use the environment and this is where kill.switch scores in aces. As you hide behind something you can blind fire on the enemy with several different weapons to choose from or you can lean around the side, sight someone and shoot them. The detail in each level makes this one an essential purchase for the XBOX user. It pushes the PS2’s graphics quite a bit (now and again the FPS stalls).

    So kill.switch plays like you would expect it too – run around various levels (there are 5 major levels divided into two parts each) shooting the enemy and diving behind boxes as you blow things up. Sounds boring or unoriginal – yes, maybe – but kill.switch does it all so furiously. Once you start firing and throwing grenades and dancing about the obstacle pulling off headshots with some blind fire you will see how enjoyable all of this really can be and for that kill.switch is all golden 5 stars.

    However it does have some negatives. The story is simply very hard to understand and makes no sense. The zooms are not very deep on the gun scopes meaning that you do not really get to zoom around and see the awesome sights that they have designed. It could have done with better zooms. It was absolutely terrible that they did not make more objects destructible. You couldn’t even shoot up things like tables and chairs. I didn’t see a single wall blow out in the game.

    In the end I would not really purchase this unless you like blast em ups. If blast em ups are your thing then do not even think twice about this review. Stop now and go pick up kill.switch. It is insane live fire from start to finish. You will get a bang for your buck. However if you are looking for a game that might do something other than that (forget any type of Splinter Cell objectives or Metal Gear Solid coolness) then I suggest you go look elsewhere.


    – Furious action. Non-stop suppressing fire.
    – Amazing enemy AI. The best of any game out there.
    – Highly detailed graphics.
    – Blind-fire. A very cool option.
    – In terms of action this is what MGS and SC want-to-be but are not.
    – Cuts scenes are realistic.


    – There appears to be no screen size adjustment on PS2 version.
    – Runs a little slow on the PS2 at times.
    – Short. Really only 6 to 8 hours of start to end game play.
    – No environmental destruction.
    – Extremely limited objectives.
    – Story makes no sense.

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  2. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Stongest AI I have ever encountered, December 7, 2003
    PJ “pjburr2000” (Texas) –

    This review is from: Kill Switch (Video Game)

    First off, this is definitely a must buy game, it is difficult from start to finish even in the normal play mode, so prepare to re-play missions often. This is not a run and gun game nor is it a stealth type game. When an enemy is shot he dies or takes deep cover, sometimes depending on the severity of the injury they may retreat. I have run back for health packs and ammo and found injured enemy hiding in different recesses of the level. The AI is very smart and crafty in this game, do not expect them to stand there and get shot, they use impressive cover and concealment and incredible team work. For instance, I was pinned down by 4 enemy, two would alternate suppressing fire while two would advance and cover, they took turns doing this until they could attempt to flank me, once they took position I unleashed a whole magazine using the blind fire, this held them back momentarily giving me crucial time to sight in on the closest enemy. Once he was dropped and the other severely injured from my blind fire, the three started a hasty retreat with their guns a blazing spraying bullets everywhere, to include some into there own previously injured guy killing him instantly. This is a cover, conceal and fire game, think real combat, head down in the dirt, buried behind a concrete barrier, when the moment is right unleash the fury…watch em’drop, watch em’ scatter.

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