Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation

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Grand Theft Auto: Collector's Edition - PlayStation

FEATURED Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation

Get 3 classic Grand Theft Auto games in one pack with this Grand Theft Auto Collector’s Edition. Relive the excitement as you run, gun, steal and drive through crime-infested cities to carry out the will of your ruthless mob boss. Rise through the ranks and tackle even more exciting missions. Includes Grand Theft Auto, the Grand Theft Auto London Mission Pack and Grand Theft Auto 2.This is a pack of three Grand Theft Auto titles for PlayStation.

Grand Theft Auto places you in the role of a common street thug whose job is to carry out the will of ruthless crime bosses. Stealing cars and settling drug deals are just some of your dirty tasks as you run, gun, steal, and drive through three different crime-infested cities. Fail and you get cussed out by your superiors. Succeed and you rise through the ranks of the organization, get more respect, and tackle tougher missions.

In Grand Theft Auto: London Mission Pack, if you want to stay legal, you’ll want to stay on the left side of the road. You’ll also be entering and exiting vehicles on the right side of the car. All the speech has been replaced with the slang and accents you’d expect to find in London around 1969. The music has also been completely revamped, and it fits the scenario nicely. The graphics are mostly new as well, providing new textures for buildings (it seems there were a lot of pubs in London back then) and new cars, including an Austin Powers-esque ride, complete with accompanying secret-spy music.

Grand Theft Auto 2 is, for the most part, a collection of enhancements to the original game. The graphics have been redone, the music is different, there is a slew of new weapons, the mission structure is a bit more complex, and the city feels more alive. There are three levels in GTA2. Each level is divided into three areas of turf, controlled by a different gang. The gangs range from the ever unpopular megacorporation, Zaibatsu, to the dirt-road mobile-home-owning Rednecks.

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3 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation

  1. 7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Leaves Much To Be Desired, July 15, 2003
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation (Video Game)

    While this product boasts three different versions of the game, they are mostly the same except for some different roads. I suppose it’s an okay game if you’re just looking to kill time. I thought for the price it was being offered, I would be getting myself a bargain with 3 games! However, I quickly found out that the three versions are so alike you are really only getting the one game, with a couple different “boards.”

    If you were a close friend of mine, I would not recommend that you buy this game. However, if you are really into the overhead views and the similar aspects of all three games – be my guest.

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  2. 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    heat things up(with flamethrowers), May 20, 2003
    Videogamer1416 “storynathan” (Williamston, MI United States) –

    This review is from: Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation (Video Game)

    This is a great collection of games! Here I will give info on each of the games. Grand Theft Auto:This is a great game! You run around the city and have to make enough money to make it to the next level. If you want to work your own way to the top,you can simply run around,kill people,steal cars,and put cars on a crane at harbor areas for cash. However,you can also follow a yellow arrow to mob missions that you can get either from phones or hidden cars. The mob missions include picking up people from bank jobs,hitmen work,carjacking a certain type of car,car bombings,and stealing contraband from rival gangs. You also get cellphone(missions only) and pager messages. Emergency Response:Whenever you commit a felony(serious crime) you get a cop after you. Police swerve in front of you,try to pull you out of your car,try to grab you on foot,and shoot at you. The more crimes you commit,the more cops respond(up to four). When your wanted level reaches three,police set up road blocks that consist of multiple police cruisers and officers that fire on your car with handguns. At level 4,there’s also roadblocks but the officers at them switch from handguns to machine guns. Also there’s ambulance paramedics that come in a ambulance and treat civilians on site. Police will respond faster when you are close to a police station,and likewise ambulances respond faster when you are near hospitals. There’s also fire stations,but no fire trucks(actually,there is in the pc version but not in the PSX one). Next there’s GTA London 1969. It’s like GTA1 only in london and in the year 1969. Also,this time around you have a walkie talkie and mobile telegram machine since pagers and cellphones hadn’t been invented yet. One mission features a moped theft(kinda like the motorcycles in GTA1 that I forgot to mention). Next there’s GTA2. It’s basically the same as GTA1 ,except you no longer have a pager and there’s gangs and tougher cops. First of all,there are no longer hidden car missions and you have to earn respect from the gangs for their jobs. How,you ask? Simple,just kill a rival gang. Gangs range from the disorganized and crazy loonies to the highly intelligent SRS Scientists and the big time Ziabatsu corporation.
    Missions include delivering drugs and ones involving gang wars. And finally,the police are packing a tougher punch with the assistance of SWAT Teams,FBI agents,and even army tanks,land roamers(both with and without machine guns),and ground troops.(some mob missions even involve fighting these higher law enforcement forms).

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  3. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Cool, November 8, 2004
    John S. Milas (Illinois) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Grand Theft Auto: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation (Video Game)

    These are the games that started it all. Grand Theft Auto revolutionized gameplay forever, with it’s open ended and free roaming atmosphere. Sure, the graphics weren’t perfect, ever, but the game that let you be a criminal started a whole line of GTA games and some crappy imitations. London 1969 continued in London. Sort of annoying that you have to put in your GTA disk every time you wanna play London, but it was fun and alot easier than the first game. GTA 2 was the first one that actually told you how much health you had left and let you do missions for 7 seperate gangs in three seperate districts of a large city. Doing missions for a game would definately raise your respect for one gang, but lower it for another. A very good game. The one thing that really stands out about these games was the radios. The radio was always funny and never boring to listen to. GTA and GTA 2 are very hard games, so if you’re prepared to be a little frustrated than get this, if not than leave it alone.

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