Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII

FEATURED Final Fantasy VII

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This software is BRAND NEW. Packaging may differ slightly from the stock photo above. Please click on our logo above to see over 15,000 titles in stock.The enormous Playstation console smash hit Final Fantasy VII makes a successful debut on the personal computer, converted beautifully by designers Squaresoft and Eidos Interactive. Gamers familiar with Squaresoft’s popular Final Fantasy series should have little trouble grasping the seventh title’s action-packed, role-playing game play. However, Final Fantasy VII‘s excellent documentation and intuitive controls ensure that beginners won’t feel overwhelmed.

Players assume the role of Cloud Strife, a defector of Shinra, the evil corporation maintaining control over the planet. As the game opens, Cloud joins “Avalanche,” a resistance group determined to foil the corporation’s diabolical plans. Final Fantasy VII features an extremely complex story line, offering many hours of game play (over 60 minutes of impressive cinematic sequences are also included).

Final Fantasy VII‘s game play involves exploration, puzzle solving, and real-time combat. Players control Cloud during exploration and take on additional party members for battle sequences, which include both fantastic weaponry and dazzling spells. While the graphics are top-notch–and support 3-D hardware accelerators to sharpen the character models–the sound effects won’t impress many; Squaresoft made little effort to utilize a personal computer’s sophisticated sound card to its potential.

Although deeply rooted in the limitations of the Playstation console (limited menu system, weak music, no voice-overs), Final Fantasy VII‘s highly addictive, easy-to-learn game play should provide adventure and role-playing fans many hours of enjoyment. —Doug Radcliffe


  • Epic story line
  • Well-developed characters
  • Beautiful graphics and spell effects
  • Complex magic system


  • Dialogue can get cheesy
  • Weak sound
  • Frustrating interface

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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII

  1. 24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great for adventure gamers and RPG fans!, July 31, 2000
    Genesis Whitmore (Goldenrod, FL USA) –

    This review is from: Final Fantasy VII (CD-ROM)

    I’ve never played the Playstation version of this game and this was my first time playing any sort of Final Fantasy game. I originally purchased it to watch the computer animation but quickly fell in love with the world, the characters, and the dozens of things to do.

    You start off playing Cloud (or whatever you decide to name him) and are an ex-soldier now fighting for a group called Avalanche who want to shut down a company called Shinra because they’re using Mako energy to power the city. Mako energy is the life energy of every living thing on the planet and once its used up the planet will die. From there you’re quickly plunged into a story about love, betrayal, duty, and saving the world.

    I easily got 40+ hours of gameplay and the story blew me away. Every time yu think you know what’s going on another clue pops up and blows everything else away. There’s an even balance between combat and actual RPG where you talk to folks in towns.

    This game also has great replayibility with dozens of sub-quests and side games to keep you busy. Can you raise a gold chocobo? Can you defeat all three weapons? Can you find all the mega-elixers? Can you gain the secret characters? Can you find everyone’s super technique and ultimate weapons?

    The story was amazingly detailed, the characters were all unique, and the game pulled no punches. I highly reccomend it.

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  2. 28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    On par with its predecessors, March 4, 2000

    This review is from: Final Fantasy VII (CD-ROM)

    I am an avid Final Fantasy player, having been a fan since Final Fantasy 1 for the NES, and having played each game since, including Japanese versions not released in the U.S. Final Fantasy VII certainly was no disappointment.

    Some other Final Fantasy games, such as 2 and 3 (Jap: 6), have better plots than VII; however, VII was certainly very close, and far exceeds the standards of most other RPGs. The plot in VII is more complicated than in its predecessors. Hordes of details are tightly interwoven in a magnificent latice. However, there are some scenes and characters that I will describe, for lack of a better word, as stupid. People who have played the game may recall Cate and the funhouse or Don’s House of Love.

    The graphics are superb, and the game engine is great. Battle scenes are realistic, the scenery is beautiful, and well-rendered full-screen MPEG videos are seamlessly integrated into the game. My only regret is that the controls in a 3D environment are a bit more challenging, especially if you’re using the keyboard.

    I can’t say I like Materia or the new magic system, whereby a person knows only the magic spells corresponding to the limited number of Materia he or she equips. Furthermore, the game isn’t nearly as challenging; I played it all the way through with only two deaths, and there are places to save the game all over the place, which means that even if you do die, you have as many chances as you’d like. The game doesn’t necessitate purchasing any new equipment; the gear you find along the road will get you all the way through if you’re good at battle tactics.

    For the benefit of people who haven’t played a Final Fantasy game before, I’ll describe the basic workings. The game is an epic adventure centered around one character, but including about 7 others. It requires no coordination to play, since your success in turn-based battle depends on your strategy, not your timing. There is a good balance between the storyline and battle scenes, so you should enjoy the game regardless of which you like best. The game is really something, and it’s fairly cheap. If you play one Final Fantasy game, make it this one. If you play two, get a Super NES and play 3 (6 in Japan) as well. Then play 8 or 2, or see if you can get your hands on 5.

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  3. 19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Still My Favorite of the Series, June 23, 2002
    George Buttner “Agent0042” (Dayton, Ohio United States) –

    This review is from: Final Fantasy VII (CD-ROM)

    As an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series, I have played most every game in the series. (Games after VIII yet included because I’ve yet to get myself a Playstation/PS2.) Overall, the quality of the Final Fantasy series is excellent, but Final Fantasy VII is still my favorite, beating out even the later Final Fantasy VIII. Final Fantasy VII has so many great qualities, among them:

    Replayability: Anybody that says that they did everything there is to do in Final Fantasy VII the first time they played through is lying. There are so many different subquests. I don’t wish to spoil them, but they involve dating, chocobos, minigames and so much more. Oh, and the Gold Saucer, which I won’t spoil, but there hasn’t been anything like it in any of the games I’ve played.

    Plotline: My favorite of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played. Adventure, love, betrayal, deceit, intrigue, it’s all there and more.

    Battle System: One of the most well developed of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played.

    To respond to a couple of the listed “cons,” I personally did not find the interface to be all that frusturating. In fact, I find it a lot less frusturating than the interfaces of some of the earlier Final Fantasy games. It’s not too difficult to figure out either and anything that may be unclear is cleared up in the provided and detailed instructions. As for the sound, anything that may be lacking in the sound department is more than made up for in the amazing music, which I find to be the most memorable and beautiful of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played.

    Don’t let its age and somewhat outdated graphics keep you from playing this game. Try it, you’ll definitely find it worth your time.

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