Darwinia – PC

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Darwinia - PC

FEATURED Darwinia – PC

  • Combines fast-paced action with strategic battle planning.
  • Combines elements of strategy, action, “God” gameplay and retro arcade action into one endless replayable work of genius.
  • Intuitive control mechanism makes it an unbelievably fun pick-up and play game.
  • The world is both surreal and retro, filled with fractal vistas and populated by animated iconic sprites, which battle for control of Darwinia.

Darwinia is a virtual theme park existing inside a computer network. Darwinia is popluated by 2D sprites called Darwinians that socialize, reproduce and develop their own culture- they are by many definitions alive. The one skill Darwinians lack is the ability to defend themselves, so they know they are in truble when a nasty virus infects their system. Your Important Mission – Destroy the virus and SAVE the Darwinians from extinction!

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