Cribbage Quest

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Cribbage Quest

FEATURED Cribbage Quest

  • Compete one on one against the computer with the option of playing in Quest mode or Standard mode.
  • Enjoy a standard game of cribbage with 5 graphical themes of Cribbage Quest
  • Unlock or discover special Hidden Challenges with intriguing dialog and plots that change as you play.
  • Join Lady Gladstone, Colonel H. Rider Kirkpatrick and the rest of the West London Cribbage and Adventuring Club on their quest, and test your skills in 100 levels of fun and adventure in Cribbage Quest!

If you enjoy playing Cribbage, you’ll love Cribbage Quest!

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One thought on “Cribbage Quest

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good basic cribbage game, March 15, 2008
    S. Beaty (Santa Cruz, CA USA) –

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    This review is from: Cribbage Quest (Video Game)

    You won’t go wrong with this if you want a simple cribbage game at a great price. This is primarily for people who already know how to play cribbage though. There’s no tutorial or practice mode, and the game automatically scores and pegs, so you’ll be lost if you don’t know the basic game rules.

    * I’ve been playing this for about two months now, and it seems stable. The scoring has been correct every time and the software hasn’t frozen or quit unexpectedly.
    * The interface is intuitive. The cards are large and easy to read, as is the cribbage board that is in the middle of the screen. I can’t comment on the sound because I always play the game with the sound off.
    * You have the option of playing a normal game or an “Adventure” game. The Adventure game is a multi-level game that involves some animated characters and a story line. You read 1-3 screens of text, and then play a cribbage game that is just like a normal game, except that you earn bonus points for certain card combinations, and sometimes the game is shortened to fewer points than the standard 121. I haven’t completed the levels yet so I don’t know if it gets more exciting than this… but I’m giving it a thumbs-up for mild entertainment value. However, I think many people would find this narrative game annoying and would prefer to just play the normal game.

    * The game automatically scores all the hands and moves the pegs. It would be nice to have the option to add up and enter my own hand score, and to validate my opponent’s score. This way I’d get scoring practice and it would make the game a bit more fun and realistic by being able to call “muggins”, or have it called on me.
    * The game automatically tallies hands and applies the score. You can choose to have it count through each hand score too. Perhaps this is a nitpicky thing, but I’ve always been taught to count all the fifteens first, then the pairs, then the runs, etc: “fifteen two, fifteen four, a pair is six and a run of three is nine.” This game counts through the hand in this order – nobs, flushes, pairs, runs and fifteens: “a pair for two, a run of three for five, fifteen seven and fifteen nine.” Because of this, my family members who are trying to learn cribbage by playing this game don’t know how to announce their scores properly when we play a real game. When I play, I just skip these hand scores because this counting method really annoys me.

    Overall, this game is a bargain and I recommend it to anyone who already knows how to play cribbage.

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