Clue Finders 6th Grade Adventures w/ADAPT

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Clue Finders 6th Grade Adventures w/ADAPT

FEATURED Clue Finders 6th Grade Adventures w/ADAPT

  • 15 Interactive Games And Exercises

Solve a mystery in an underground world! Join the search for the missing ClueFinders in the underground empire of the Plant People! A mighty army of mutant plant warriors threatens to take over the town above. Use your head to tackle tricky challenges solve a mystery and save the town from destruction. From cleaning up deadly pollutants to building bridges every exciting activity builds essential 6th grade skills!Skills Learned Decimals Percentages Equations Fractions Statistics Estimation Ratios Spelling Grammar Reading comprehension Vocabulary Biology Environmental science Physical science Data analysis Geography and map reading Ancient history and culture Timelines Reference skills Logical reasoning Critical thinking

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