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FEATURED Battletoads

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2 thoughts on “Battletoads

  1. 13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An NES legend, in scope and difficulty…, February 19, 2007

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Battletoads (Video Game)

    At the time this game was notorious for its inability of most of the general public to get past level 3. Most kids at the time just couldn’t. And for a game that has it’s content so well designed for kids (a TMNT rip-off, ‘toad tongue-in-cheek) this is unfortunate since the dynamics of each of the 12 levels are incredibly varied. Really the game itself isn’t a kid’s difficulty level. I’ve heard many deem it the TOUGHEST NES game ever, arguably more so than even Metroid. Because much of it can only be done from memorizing the map (like dodging walls in the speeder / level 3), it will invariably take a few games PER LEVEL. There are no passwords although there are warps (a real gamer won’t need them). There’s many, many highlights beyond ‘level 3’ – the Surf level, the giant snakes, the Elevator Shaft, and if you’re lucky, the Dark Queen’s tower. You’ll be doing anything from fighting ‘Double Dragon’ style to Castlevania-platforming to dodging obstacles in your plane, unicycle, speeder, whatever. The monsters and sense of humor the game provides make the whole thing move magnificently + STILL make me wonder if this has a cancelled cartoon show pilot somewhere…

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  2. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    So much potential, but the difficulty really prevents most players from getting very far, August 28, 2012
    Mike London “MAC” (Oxford, UK) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    = Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Battletoads (Video Game)

    2 Stars – So much potential, but the difficulty really prevents most players from getting very far

    Ah yes, “Battletoads”. In gaming culture, this game is home to one of THOSE levels. You know, the kind that appeared impossible when you first played it, and then . . . after a broken controller and lots and lots of swear words and three hours later STILL appears impossible.

    Then you YouTube the level, and like watching someone play Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Instrumental “Eruption”, you see someone pass the level with (oh God) apparent ease! These players must be cheating!

    There are lots of levels like this in the NES catalogue. “Adventure Island” 8-3. “Ninja Gaiden” 6-2 and then the end bosses. “The Legend of Zelda” Dungeon Six. The Dam level on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. (At least with TMNT at least the title of the level makes you feel like you’re swearing which is probably pretty cool when you’re twelve). Pretty much the ENTIRETY of the nightmare that is “Ghost and Goblins”. Also “Silver Surfer”.

    Of course the level I am referring too is the speed bike level, which is the third one early on in the game.

    “Battletoads” is one of those games that Tradewest, the developer, had crafted in hopes of turning into a TMNT type franchise. Colorful characters, over the top villians (in this case a Darak Queen), and anthromorphic toads. For early 1990s the concept fit right into popular culture.

    There’s only one problem. The game is hard. As hell.

    Yes, you want challenges. But honestly, so many people stop at level 3 because they can’t get past the friggin’ stage. And this was a game marketed for kids. By the time you give up you’re so beat and humiliated you don’t want to see another battle toad as long as you live. It’s kind of hard to feel connected to a franchise when you can’t even get past the third level.

    What is so unfortunate is that beyond Level Three there are some intrinsically intriguing, well designed game play (the Surf level, the Elevator Shaft, the Dark Queen’s Tower). Unfortunately most people never saw that game play. Then there is the Snake level, which is almost as insane as the speeder bike level. Of course, there is a SECOND speeder bike level, and this time the stones you crash into are MOBILE!

    An earlier reviewer said that “Battletoads” isn’t a game, it’s a sequence of memorized button sequences. While that could be argued for a lot of games, it gets to the heart of the main problem with “Battletoads”. For a game primarily marketed for kids, the game is simply too difficult for its main audience, and for most other players as well. Of course, TMNT had similiar difficulty issues, but that was already established.

    Another rather famous attribute to this game is the co-op game play. Although Nintendo has said in recent “Iwata Asks” interviews that they have been trying to get co-op gameplay in “Super Mario” titles since 1988 with “Super Mario Bros. 3”, other developers were able to get co-op play without issue (this game, “Contra”). However, given how frustratingly difficult this game is, there is a gamebreaking bug which if you get to the Dark Queen’s Tower with two players (which is highly improbable to begin with – you think the Speeder Bike level is hard with ONE player? Try TWO!), apparently there is a game breaking bug that completely freezes the game. That would be so rage inducing I’d probably just throw the NES out the window.

    Tradewest who owned both franschises did a cross over title, having the “Battletoads” team up with “Double Dragon”, another legendary video game franchise with the 1993 title “Battletoads & Double Dragon”. Although Tradewest owned the “Double Dragon” franchise back in the early 1990s they have since sold the tile.. Although a genuine cross over, the focus is largely on the “Battletoads” franchise. There are also some inconsistencies between the “Double Dragon” canon proper and this title. The game is also very difficult, just like the original “Battletoads”, though thankfully there are no God-awful speeder stages or snake stages this time around.

    Overall, decent game that is marred by its most famous attribute: its difficulty. And the fact the difficult stages come so early on, it prevents most players from really seeing what the rest of the game has too offer.

    The video game website IGN rated this title as the 76th greatest game on their top 100 NES games of all time.

    (For those looking for great unknown NES/Famicom games, you simply MUST play “Moon Crystal”, a criminally unknown Famicom exclusive. The graphics are astounding with cutscenes that even outdo “Ninja Gaiden”, amazing music, in depth gameplay, and a fantastic storyline. Absolutely amazing! Had this been released in the US for the NES, I feel it would be as revered as the other heavy hitters in the…

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