51,400 Andermant: Drakensang Online [Game Connect]

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51,400 Andermant: Drakensang Online [Game Connect]

FEATURED 51,400 Andermant: Drakensang Online [Game Connect]

  • 51,400 Andermant for Drakensang Online (Save 22%)
  • Andermant is the premium in-game currency that can be used for new armor, weapons, boosts, potions and more!
  • As a fearless Dragonknight freedom fighter, a battle hardened Ranger or a wise and magical Spellweaver, you must unite with your fellow warriors within Drakensang Online
  • Extraordinary 3D graphics and special effects
  • Epic story with countless quests within a breathtaking range of landscapes filled with hostile monsters

Drakensang Online – The epic new action RPG game. The time has come for a new order of warrior to step into battle and fight the terrifying dragons and savage monsters. Join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil in Drakensang Online, the epic new action RPG game.

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2 thoughts on “51,400 Andermant: Drakensang Online [Game Connect]

  1. 11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Drakensang Online, July 24, 2012

    I started playing Drakensang Online as it was a novelty (being a browser game), 1 push of a button and it’s game on.. But quickly began to realize this was a full effort as an mmo and rpg. And I learned browser games in 2012 absolutely don’t take a cut in graphics, being easily par with Diablo 3.

    Very easy to pick up and start playing, again.. I though it was going to be an mmorpg ‘lite’ because it was so easy to pick up the controls and rpg elements, but it’s actually because they did an awesome job streamlining and refining the process in a very efficient and logical manner. And they nailed the point & click mmo mouse controls, too. Especially if you have a programmable mouse with a couple extra buttons…

    Although no voice acting, I found the NPC’s character and dialogs to be some of my favorite ever in this style of game. The little you get from each of them is enough that it seems you recognize each and every personality from the real world.

    Also the game, almost to a fault, absolutely doesn’t require any money to play. No OP weapons to contend with, or amulets you’re at a disadvantage without. I’m pretty sure everything is available from the shop using in game currencies as well, although it does come a little slow especially at first…

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